Each grape variety is harvested manually, starting with Primitivo in late August and ending with Aglianico in late October. All the grapes are vinified separately in their respective area of production.

The Corvina grapes are vinified using a special technique called “appassimento”. The grapes are carefully picked by hand in early October and placed in small wooden crates of 5 kg each. The crates are then placed in the “fruttaio,” a well-aerated loft, and are left there to dry at a controlled temperature and humidity until December. During this time the grapes will lose up to 50% of their original weight in water.
A portion of each grape variety is then separately aged for 10 months in French oak barrels. At the end of the ageing process the 7 wines are masterfully blended together in equal amounts. The resulting wine is then left to sit in stainless steel tanks for approximately 2 months before bottling.

SETTE VIGNE has a lovely and intense ruby-red color with a powerful bouquet reminiscent of red cherries, dried fruit, chocolate, coffee beans and prunes. On the palate it is full-bodied, soft and round, with a pleasant hint of spiciness and an amazingly long and lingering finish. A perfect accompaniment to red meats, game and strong cheeses.